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Automatic Watering Systems for Gardens

Irrigation Installation

Lewis Landscapes offers customers a professional irrigation installation service by certified technicians accredited by the Irrigation Association of BC. We will design and install an irrigation system for you as part of your total landscape project, or as an addition to an established setting. For all new gardens, we recommend irrigation as part of the total package.

Long periods of drought can be a problem for gardeners on Salt Spring Island. Not only that, but areas with shallow soil, deeply shaded with trees, or sloping, are difficult to establish due to lack or water. A drip-feed irrigation system offers some control. Plants are given the right amount of water when they need it. The water goes straight to the roots and is not wasted through evaporation or run-off. It saves both money and time, and avoids plant loss from de-hydration. Your plants will be more healthy and look and grow better.

Considering a new garden requires a big investment in plants, it makes sense to look after them rather than leave them to the vagaries of the weather. Drip Feed systems are straightforward to install, very efficient with water, adaptable, and easy to maintain. They can also be used for watering lawns! Conventional watering with hose-pipes, by comparison, is not only inefficient and wasteful but can be damaging to the plants as well.

Any watering system requires a source of water. A traditional water butt is the first step towards rainwater harvesting. An irrigation system can be run off the mains water supply, but a water storage tank can be used to collect rainwater, recycled grey water, wells and streams.

Water storage tanks suitable for irrigation systems are available in sizes upwards from 2000 liters. They can be installed above ground or underground.

We discuss your project fully and give you the option of a wide range of suitable products, as listed below.

  • Sprinkler systems & valves from leading manufacturers
  • Control systems from tap timers to computerised zonal controllers
  • Landscape Drip systems
  • Water catchment and grey water recovery systems for garden and farm
  • Water storage tank options
  • Pumping equipment and pumps for aeration of ponds and larger water features
  • Additional accessories as required
  • Work carried out by a Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT) Level 2
  • 2-year Guarantee on Products and Worksmanship
Lines running through border Lines to young trees
Popup system for lawn


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