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Paths, Walls and Steps

Paths, walls and steps are the essential features of every garden layout. There are endless possibilities for the construction of different levels, and ways of connecting the levels.

Back-filled timber steps to beach

Retaining walls are either built up and back-filled to create a ground level higher up, or they are built to stabilise the bank where the land has been cut out. They must be strong enough to withstand the downward pressure behind them over time. The weight and density of natural stone makes it the best material for high walls. Lower retainng walls can be built with concrete products or a combination of concrete and a decorative facing stone. We use locally sourced natural stone, imported stone, concrete blocks, and poured concrete.

Building with modular concrete materials is the quickest method of construction, although some block are very heavy to handle. Building with natural stone needs skill to select pieces that will fit together like a jigsaw and look aesthetically pleasing.

Modern concrete blocks for a retaining wall. Stone faced walling with concrete pavers
Natural Stone Wall for 2-tier Border Natural stone retaining wall.


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