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Enjoy authentic Italian pizza in your own back yard!

Traditional Tuscan-style Wood Burning Pizza Oven
Wood fired pizza oven

There is nothing quite like food cooked in a wood-fired oven! Cooking on a barbecue is not the same! Wood burning ovens are suitable for baking bread, roasting, drying, smoking, tandoori, stews, beans, soups, and of course, pizza!

A wood-fired oven is much hotter than a regular domestic oven! Pizza is cooked at a very high temperature for about one and a half minutes. As the oven cools, other foods can be cooked in succession, such as the Butterflied chicken illustrated. Butterflied Chicken Roasting with Fennel Beans and stews can follow on.

The oven will hold it's heat for slow cooking for 24 hours or the heat can be maintained indefinitely with the addition of small amounts of firewood. It's not just that a wood-fired oven is energy efficient, the food really tastes better and there is no better way of cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving!

Our wood-burning ovens are hand-built in the style of the traditional Tuscan pizza ovens, which is a round-domed oven with a firebrick hearth. Both the food and the fire are contained within the cavity of the dome.

Garden Oven Testing

Testing a hand-built oven built with individually cut firebricks. The alternative is a kit form imported from Italy.

The oven is built in situ on a re-inforced concrete base using firebricks and modern refractory materials. The dome is totally sealed and insulated to achieve the very high temperatures and heat retention for long periods.

As an alternative to a hand-built firebrick dome, we also give you the option of having your oven assembled using a Forno Bravo kit. We are local agents for Forno Bravo, the largest importers of modular ovens in the USA. The full range of Forno Bravo ovens and accessories can be seen on their web site.

Whether you decide on a hand-built oven, or prefer an oven kit, we will prepare the site for you and construct the base. The finishing and style is a matter of personal choice. We can design a housing or finished look to fit with your overall garden landscape. It can be hidden behind a facade if you prefer, or left bare for you to adorn as you wish. We want your oven to be a unique addition to your outdoor living experience.

And it doesn't need to stop there! To add to your enjoyment, we can complete your kitchen with a built-in grill, food preparation area and servery. Add wiring for overhead and mood-lighting. We can help you make the most of your outdoor space whether you live in the city or on an island.

Your oven will be built to a high standard and gradually cured with several firings before it s handed over to you. We show you how to fire it up and test a few pizzas in the process. If you are still wondering if a Lewis Landscape's garden oven is for you, look at our FAQ page. Or simply phone Andrew Lewis on 250-653-4770.

Perfectly cooked pizza!

We do everything from surveying your site to installing the oven and testing it to make sure it is safe and working properly. Our quote includes the basic oven and installation.  Finishing and landscaping are extras.

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