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The Essential Plants for Ponds, Borders, Screening and Food

Plants serve many purposes and a successful planting scheme often has to fulfil many demands. They bring life to the smallest space, adding colour and interest, and provide habitat for other living creatures. They are useful for screening and soil stabilisation, can be grown for food or to suppress weeds, to provide a focal point or serve as a backdrop. Not surprisingly, customers take more interest in the plants than any other feature of their garden.


With expert horticultural knowledge and experience of the local environment, Lewis Landscapes designs beautiful planting schemes to improve and give character to any garden setting. On Salt Spring Island, plants generally need to be deer resistant and sufficiently drought tolerant to withstand periods when water is in short supply.

Plants are then selected for their flowers, fragrance, fall colour, winter hardiness and screening potential. There may be other considerations, such as a need to control erosion. The question of maintenance is also a factor in the choice of plants. Our aim is to plant a garden which will mature quickly without the plants becoming invasive, and look great in every season.

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