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Ornamental Planting of Beds, Borders, Verges and Rockeries

Planting for Beds, Borders, Pergolas and Rockeries

The planted beds and borders are the source of colour in the garden, whether it is a fanfare of pinks and orange or subtle shades of mauve, green and white.  We understand people may have strong preferences.

Mixed borders are a combination of herbaceous plants and low growing shrubs.  We select plants suitable for the growing conditions of the site.  The nature of the soil, whether it is in deep shade or mainly sunny, wet or dry, are some of the factors to be taken into account.   People often request plants that are low maintenance.  Compared to Roses, for example, which require daily dead-heading and pruning skills, the plants we select will require only minimal maintenance.  No garden can be maintenance-free, not even a wild garden.

If you decide to hire us for your planting project, you can rest assured your new plants will be planted with fertiliser and compost, and the love they deserve, to give them the best start. 


Scree Borders
Planting for colour Shady Border
Narrow Flower Border


...we aim to do it beautifully!

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