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Trees and Shrubs for Shade, Ornament and Boundaries

While it is easy to think of flowers as the main plant elements in the garden, it is the trees and shrubs which establish the shape and form of the space.

Trees provide privacy or act as markers on a broader canvas.  They can used as windbreaks, provide shade in summer, and delight with their seasonal change of colours.  They are beautiful at all times of the year.

Trees and Shrubs for Ornament and Screening

The skilled landscaper gardener understands the soil conditions and micro-climate of the site, and select plants that are mostly lilely to thrive there.  Summer drought, wind and sea exposure, shade and wet, all severely restrict the range of plants that can be grown successfully on Salt Spring Island.  With the added problem of roaming deer, who are particularly partial to young plants, new planting schemes can start to look monotonous.  In fact, working with a limited palette, it is still possible to create visually interesting schemes that rely on the careful juxtapositions of plants for contrast in colour and texture.  Above, the Fall colour of the Maple, echoes the berries of the Mountain Rowan.   The plants contrast beautifully in the pattern and texture of their leaves.

Except in high altitude locations, most sites we look at on Salt Spring Island have trees of some description. Frequently, they are in poor condition either from age or disease.  Existing trees, and shrubs,  are evaluated for their potential.  We never ever remove trees for the sake of clearance.  Trees that can be saved are treated as integral to the garden design.   New trees may be planted for screening or as a feature in the new layout.

We advise on which species we know from experience are likely to be successful but the ultimate choice of plants is yours.

Trees forming a windbreak. Mature Pines Retained as a Feature Bamboo used as Screening


...we aim to do it beautifully!

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