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Planting a Veggie Garden

Eating locally is making a comeback for many reasons and you cannot eat more locally, or better, than from your own garden. The freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food will be food you grow yourself. Using biodynamic methods in our region, one person can feed themselves all the vegetables they need from a 200sq foot garden.  A family of four needs about 1300sq feet, including paths. You can see that even a small food garden has great potential.

Raised beds made with Stonehenge concrete blocks.

The raised beds in the picture above are made with Stonehenge concrete blocks.  These large tumbled blocks are ideal for the purpose because they are flexible, retain heat, cannot rot, and make an attractive feature in the garden.

 Andrew can help you with any aspect of your project from a handy bit of advice to get you started to building sheds and greenhouses, raised beds, sheet mulching, irrigation, woodlot management and orchards.

Growing Veg from Seed Oregano Border
An established kitchen garden growing herbs, salads and winter veg. Raised Beds made with Stonehenge Concrete Blocks


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