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Fencing, gates, pergolas, arches and trelliswork


Lewis Landscapes offers all types of fencing, gates and pergolas. Stacked post and rail fencing is the traditional option, and helps to retain the character of the region. Where deer are considered a problem, unobstrusive high wire fencing can be erected a few yards behind. We erect new boundary fencing or replace existing fencing. The choice of style will depend on the location and personal preference. A close-boarded obviously creates a private space whereas a more open style allows the property and garden to merge with the environment. Gates can be made to match your style of fencing. Sometimes a solid wood gate is teamed with high wire fencing, where planting will eventually conceal the fencing.

Pergolas and arches can be both practical and decorative. As architectural features, they can provide screening or shade, or fitted with glass to create a covered access or canopy. Used simply, they provide support for a variety beautiful, and often scented, climbing plants, such as Roses, Jasmin, and the wide variety of Clematis. Traditional Canadian styles rely on large posts and heavy beams. For smaller gardens, where planted pergolas can be most effective, you could opt for lighter European style painted in the colour of your choice. We will design it how you want it to look.

Cedar Entry Porch with canopy and gate
Cedar Board Fencing Entry with Pergola
Hire Wire Deer Fence Close-board Fence


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