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Hillside Courtyard Garden with Cedar Fencing, Entry and Pergola

Cedar Fencing and Rustic Entry
This is a hillside garden enclosed with closeboard cedar fencing with a rustic covered entry and matching gate.

This was a newly built property. Landscaping and patios were required to create a driveway and an enclosed courtyard garden for privacy and shelter. Western Red Cedar was used to construct a boarded fence surrounding a patio area with a covered entry and rustic gate. Using materials similar to the dwelling, the architectural style of the property is extended into the garden space. Much of the garden consists of rocky outcrops which influence the line of the fencing and the kind of the planting. The site has the benefit of full sun and lies in a relatively sheltered valley, so it is possible to grow a wide range of plants where there is sufficient depth of soil. Low walls edging the pathways and patio spaces were built to create back-filled raised beds for plants. Climbing plants should do well here and, as the pictures show, the plants are thriving. More about this garden...

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