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A Traditional Tuscan-style Wood-burning Pizza Oven with Grill and Worktop

The traditional Tuscan-style Pizza oven is built with a round dome to specific proportions, using modern firebricks. The choice of site was determined by the layout of an existing deck where there happened to be a large rock. Unable to excavate for the footings, the foundations for the structure are built over the rock.  This is a wood-fired pizza oven with a barbecue grill on the left.
Victoria Wood Burning Pizza Oven with Grill and Servery
The oven base is made of concrete blocks faced with some lovely old reclaimed bricks. The dome is built with individually cut fire bricks, heavily insulated with 3" of ceramic fibre held in place with stucco wire. Next, the oven is "cured" with several low temperature firings to gradually drive out the moisture before it can be fired up to high temperatures. The dome is finished with a coating of stucco mortar, coloured "brick red". This looks rather striking at first but will tone down with weathering. The project was completed with a polished concrete servery on the right of the oven and the metalwork for the grill. The pictures show the stages of construction.

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Soldier bricks lined up to form the sill of the grill area. The coating is trowled in and smoothed to a fine finish...


...we aim to do it beautifully!

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