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Irrigation and Drought-tolerant Planting on a Steep Slope

The garden here is on a steep gradient down to the shore. It suffers from poor dry soil as well as being freely accessible to deer. The job was to plant screening for the cabin and create a garden area.
Woodland garden on a slope
Hemlock and Juniper were planted along the drive to provide screening. To create space for planting behind the cabin, a long bench was excavated and the material moved lower down to create a landing to assist access to the beach. The plan was to build a terrace planted with Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, and Artemisia. Sandstone was used to build two walls with a planted bed between.

In summer, the site is hot and dry, so an effective irrigation system was essential. The new system has two stations to control the feed to the newly planted areas with two solenoid valves at each station. One station is also set up for fire hose connection. Pipes were installed to supply drips for the screening shrubs, driveway trees, the plants along the bank and the ground coverers.

The second station serves the wall plants and the plants in the garden beds. The raised bed is served with a 1/2 inch drip line, with a 1/2 gallon per hour drip emitter spaced every 12 inches along the line.

Ground-cover planting options included Chamomile, Blue Fescue grasses, Mother-of-Thyme, Golden Oregano, Creeping Thyme, Silver Thyme, Lavender, and a variety of Purple Leaf Sage. Blue Oat Grass is planted along the top terrace with Cotoneaster on the bank above. A Juniper 'Wichita Blue' was planted at the end of the terrace with the idea that it will grow to screen a shed on the corner.
 The terrace planted up with Juniper Wichita Blue in the foreground

The plants selected for this garden are not generally favoured by deer but young plants may still be vulnerable. Black plastic netting was used here to cover up the beds and give some protection for the first few critical weeks.

This garden was started late Winter. There will be some follow-up pictures when it established.

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