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Swimpond Designed for Hydro-therapy

Designed mainly for use as hydrotherapy pool, this swimpond is forty-one feet long and only 5 feet deep. It has a flat floor and covered with a decking material for easy walking and exercise. Shorter than a pool intended for swimming lengths, there is no deep end for diving or shallow end for paddling and play. An adult of average height could stand and move around comfortably while being completely submerged in the water.
Hydro-therapy swimpond
We used a composite wood alternative to build the walls and floor of the swimming area, keeping the use of concrete to the absolute minimum. With no natural source of water, a rain-water harvesting system feeds water from the downpipes to a storage tank for use as needed.
Hydo-therapy Pool Images 1
2-tier pond excavation Lining of Swimpond and Gravel Area The wall construction using a composite wood alternative. Gravel areas with dust protection on water. Swimpond filled and planted. View with surrounding landscaping. Following season with plants more established. View with the sundeck and dining area at the end of the pool. Alternative views and light effects of the swimpond. The swimpond viewed from the patio end.


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