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Alpine Garden on Salt Spring Island

The site for this garden is situated 1800 feet above sea level overlooking Fulford Harbour where it is completely exposed to sun and wind, and long lasting snow during the Winter months.

The garden was created in a sheltered hollow blasted out of the rock at the rear of the property, where it is protected to an extent by the house and surrounding rock face. With thin soils and intense shadows from the house, evaluating sun and shade patterns, and other factors, to determine possible locations for ponds, seating and planting presented a challenge.
alpine garden with rock pools and stream
Rocks, water and alpine planting are the main elements in the design, developing the exposed rock faces into cliffs with small streams and rock pools below. Careful planting looks natural and helps to restore the landscape. Although few trees would manage to survive here, a small and delicately beautiful Mountain Ash was planted to frame one side of the lower pond. A Vine Maple sits on an island separating the higher and lower ponds. Juniper and Kinnickinick are groundcovers for the upper ledge of the rock face. A polytunnel was needed to protect pot plants during the winter and for growing tomatoes.
Three years on, the garden is photographed in Fall colours. Click here to see the full set of images for this job


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