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A 42-inch Wood-burning Pizza Oven and Canopy

This is a custom-designed wood-burning oven constructed as part of an outdoor dining area with a glass-roofed canopy. The oven is based on the traditional ovens of Tuscany which have a round dome and can be used for cooking a wide variety of foods in addition to baking authentic Italian pizzas.


Pizza ovens are now very popular as a lifestyle feature and extend the possibilities of outdoor living and entertaining. The oven here is a substantial hand-built dome using fire-bricks supported on a re-enforced concrete base. In this case, the customer applied a facing layer of stone over the concrete dome. Customers can choose whether to have a custom-made oven, as illustrated, or a modular oven using a kit imported from Italy. Both kinds of oven require a basic installation service.

Pizza Oven built with firebricks Insulating the piza oven 1st firing to cure the oven
Outside rendering to seal the oven Trying the first pizza


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