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Classic Western Red Cedar Woodshed and Steps

Red Western Cedar and Steps Using Post Frame Construction
Salt Spring Island Landscaping: Cedar Woodshed and Steps 1

Cedar Shed and Rustic Steps Linking Two Levels

Western Red Cedar is used to provide a dry, open shed for storing logs. The shed is a simple post-frame construction set on concrete pads, offering a cost effective and efficient solution with classical good looks.

Posts are 6"x 6" (150 x 150 cm) rough sawn Cedar with regular 2"x 6" framing.  Plywood is used for the floor to keep the storage area dry. Cedar lattice on 3 sides further strengthens the structure and provides protection from the weather.  A metal roof with a generous overhang is both light and durable.

Cedar is used for the stairs because the drop here is exceptionally steep with the need for handrails. The natural oils in the wood help it to resist decay and insect attack providing quality and longevity, as well as a safety in this particular setting.


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