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A Natural Feature Pond with Streams and Dock

This is a 75 feet long natural pond with meandering streams providing an important visual focus at the main entrance to the house. The construction process described here includes the excavation, drainage, lining, rocks, pump and filtration, timber deck and planting. We have graded and excavated the site so that the pond is on the same level as the house. In time, it will blend in and look as if it has always been like that.

The pictures illustrate the extent of the excavation and preparation needed, and the care taken with drainage. One thing we needed to avoid was the possibility of water collecting under the pond liner and causing it to balloon up. To prevent that happening, the stream and pond have drains to channel excess water away. The pond and surrounds are now planted but it will take several years for the plants to become established and we see the full effect.

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